Aged Care Health Checks and Management

All childhood immunisations,

Weight checks

We are passionate about providing excellent care and information to our patients who have been diagnosed with Diabetes or Gestational Diabetes.

Pre-employment medicals, Work Cover care.

General health management, Chronic Care Management, Blood Pressure Management, INR Management, ECG’s, Spirometry, Minor Surgical Procedures, Iron Infusions, RMS Drivers License Medicals

The doctors at RFM are very experienced in the treatment of Mental Health issues. 

Full Antenatal and Post Natal Obstetric care with procedural GP Obstetricians,

Pregnancy Ultrasounds

The collection centre is open Monday  - Friday from 9am – 2.30pm.

Full detailed skin check, minor surgical procedures

Our staff love to travel and so we understand the importance of staying informed about health needs for a range of destinations. We are happy to advise you about all your travel health and vaccines.

Cervical Screening,

Family Planning

Insertion and removal of Mirena’s and Implanon