Diabetic Management

RFM is pleased to provide the services of Erin Downey in our rooms once a fortnight. 

Erin is a Pharmacist and a Diabetic Educator and is passionate about providing excellent care and information to our patients who have been diagnosed with Diabetes.   Erin can assist you with all of your diabetic needs.

Diabetes is a growing issue in Australia, but one that with excellent care can be well managed.   If you are a diabetic, you may be eligible for a Chronic Disease Management Plan.  Your doctor can often incorporate the services of a Diabetic Educator in your plan.  Talk to your doctor about this at your next consultation.  If you are eligible, you can claim up to 5 Medicare rebatable services for Allied Health per year.  As part of this plan, eligible consultations with Erin will be bulk billed.  If you do not have a current care plan, or you have used all of your services through other Allied Health visits, you can still see Erin however consultations will cost $75.00.

Erin can also assist with Gestational Diabetes, providing you with excellent information to assist in looking after you and your baby throughout your pregnancy.  The cost for this service is $75.00.