Skin Check

Living in our harsh Australian climate, it is so important to have an annual skin check.  Small skin lesions can often be simply and easily removed before they become a larger issue.  Many skin issues such as melanoma can be very small lesions which can develop quickly and can be difficult to spot.  Routine skin checks keep abreast of any skin or mole changes.

Each of our doctors are experienced in skin care and are able to perform all routine skin checks, plus attend to minor skin procedures and excisions here in our rooms at RFM.  We have fully equipped procedure rooms and very experienced nursing staff to assist in all procedures.  If you require more complex excisions, we would refer you to the relevant specialist for your condition.  It is not necessary for you to attend another GP practice for this service, as RFM can meet all of your skin needs.

Please book a long appointment for skin checks as it does take some time to complete this thorough examination.  You may either book online or by contacting our rooms on 6936 2088.